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Video Tutorials Make Learning Easy

Using video tutorials to teach can be very beneficial for those in the process of learning how to use a program like Photoshop for example. It is a proven fact that not everyone learns the same way. You might be a visual learner, whereas someone else might need to hear an explanation to fully understand. Video tutorials that can be made by using a program like Camtasia will ensure that every user's needs are met. Walking through material that is unfamiliar to users can be difficult. In most cases, there will always be one user who has trouble following and needs extra help. By creating a visual aid that is web based, users can review the process at home, working at their own pace.

What could be better than a productive session with users where everyone leaves with a complete understanding of the information you gave them? Using a series of video tutorials is the best way to make sure that happens. If potential customers can follow along with the visual aid by actually doing each step as it is shown they will have a better handle on how to use your product line. With a recorded visual aid, users can follow your instructions on their own, with a recording of your instructions, they will be able to work at their own pace so no one gets left behind.

There are many tools available to help you create video tutorials. Camtasia, a program that was mentioned above, is one such program that is easy to use. Camtasia allows you to make screen recordings that can be supported with an audio track, or narration. It also allows you to use Power Point, Picture-in-Picture and webcam video. Being able to fully show the process makes the use of video tutorials one of the best ways to show your users a process step by step. However, if you have never created video tutorials you might be wondering what kind of work is involved in putting together a visual aid like this one. Like most programs being made today Camtasia was developed to be extremely user friendly. You don't need to be a computer expert to get your video tutorials up and running.

To record your video you need to select 'options' under the tools menu, which is where you will find the capture tab. After finding the capture tab you will want to follow these steps:

-Use the checkboxes to choose your capture options.

-Select "Record the Screen" from the Camtasia window.

-Designate what project you are working on, such as a Power Point

-Start a new project and select what you will be recording, the entire screen or just and area that you indicate.

-Add audio by selecting the appropriate checkbox, a box will appear so that you check the input levels of your microphone.

-After setting your sound preferences click on next, and then finish to start the recording process. During the recording process of your video tutorials you have the option to pause, but that isn't necessary because you can edit out what you don't want later.

For more information on this process look online at

Give your users the information they both want and need with video tutorials. It may even increase your sales.

Brad Lessard is the owner of EbizComm

Powerful Marketing Software

Marketing on the internet requires access to powerful information that is at your disposal. Imagine finding a digital gallery filled with a massive amount of marketing information. These marketing tools that you choose to have access to will expand your knowledge to a level that will drive you to succeed. Invigorate your passion for wanting a life style of financial freedom. Once you start and realize that you have complete control of the outcome to your destiny. You will want to share this software with your closest friends and family. There is nothing like the feeling of independent living. Obtaining powerful marketing software and strategies is the key to any on line marketers success.

Selecting information that will guide you to making your presence on the internet for the world to see is the key to your success. Google, Yahoo, MSN are a few of the search engines in which you can acquire this information. You will read through thousands if not hundreds of web sites. You will have to make an educated decision as to what best suits your style of promotional ideas. It is best to keep an open mind when coming to a decision. When you finally decide on your tactical approach. You will want to develop at least 4 different types of web promotions for starters. You will develop more as time goes by. Your going to love it when you start seeing your hard work pay off.

1. use splash pages- Splash page are good to use in social networking sites. They need to be made flashy but not to gaudy. Something to hold there attention long enough to want to send you their email and name. You have to get creative and visualize what makes you fill in a form for more information. Put yourself in the viewers place.

2. use capture pages- you can make these using any on line editor. Use your imagination. You want to attract the viewers intellectual side quickly. Get them to make an educated decision on the spot. Hey I need this. Boom you made a sale. Your writing skills will improve to point that you become a powerful writer. There is software out there that will help in your writing ability. You'll know you hit when the sales are piling up faster than you can keep up. Install an information box for them to fill in and send you their email and other viable information.

3. use e-books- creating your own e-book is not as difficult as it sounds. Take your time and start out writing something. Keep reviewing it until you are satisfied with it. Make sure that all grammar is correct. This will make a powerful impact on your success. You can make it 5 pages long to 10 pages long don't make it long and boring. Use powerful adjectives to move their emotions. Make the words flow from page to page keep the subject moving right to the sales page and set the hook and reel in the sales. You can make the book a viral tool as well. Once you get one going follow through with that idea of going viral.

4. use email campaigns- use power-point to design your sales page its quick and easy. When completed save it to your computer desktop or file. Upload your document to photo bucket and use the url to add to your code that you will paste into your email. Be sure to select html before you send it. Look for link image in your html tutorial. They are free on line. View W3School Here

Remember obtaining powerful marketing software and strategies is the key to any on line success.

3 Powerful Points That Make FX Child's Play System the Best in the Market This Year in 2010

After it launched, FX Child's Play System has proven to be the best in the forex market in the year 2010. Many people have used it and are giving testimonies of this system. It has generated more feed back around the world. 3 points you must know about this system are...

1. Easy to use: this system is a step by step explained trading system that is extremely accurate, highly profitable, very easy and very simple to follow. A 10 years old child could understand this system, it is not a complicated system which leave people lost and in the dark. Moreover this system comes with free video tutorial that will show you how to use this system. I tell you if you watch this video tutorial it will be like you are sitting by my side as I am teaching you everything by myself. So this video tutorial makes it so simple and easy to understand.

2. FX Child's Play System has its own method that's unique and the strength of making 3 to 4 times of your investment is real. I will try to point out some good tips:

a) This system trades any time, it can trade during the day hours and also in the night
b) It trades several currency pairs, if you wish to trade them
c) Stop loss range will vary depending on the currency pair and price movement trades may also closed based on what appears to be a time limit.

3. Benefit that comes with it: it is sure that this system will make you times 3 to 4 of your investment in a month, however, let us ask ourselves questions, what am I going to lose by buying this system? Nothing to lose because this system comes with money back guarantee and one on one email support and video tutorial will be part of the benefit you will enjoy by subscribing for this system. Check my site below for more information

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