Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Make an Attractive PowerPoint Presentation by Using PowerPoint Templates

Are you feeling tensed for making your PowerPoint presentation attractive? Don't feel so as there are endless PowerPoint templates on the web that helps to make a PowerPoint presentation attractive. By using Internet you can download various types of them for different types of needs.

You can get unique PowerPoint templates on the web and make your PowerPoint presentation valuable. It's no use of the PowerPoint presentation when it does not leave any impact on the audience. So why not make your presentation interesting? To gain complements on your presentation you need to use them in your presentation. There are different types of templates available on the internet. They are as follows:-

• Animated
• Medical
• Entertainment
• Business
• Education
• Sports
• Animal
• Mac
• Twitter

Apart from all the above there are other types of templates too. They are available free as well as premium. Making a template is not a difficult task but to make it attractive is little bit difficult for a person who has little knowledge of PowerPoint.

Now the question which arises in mind while making a PowerPoint presentation is how to make a perfect PowerPoint presentation. First of all you need to choose the specific topic and search for the related template. Plenty of PowerPoint templates are available on the internet which are available free. Premium version are also offered on each type of templates. There are pre designed PowerPoint templates which can make your presentation captivating and they will create a mesmerizing impact on the audience.

You can download the templates of your choice at any hour of the day in just few clicks. There are a set of 3 slides, 24 slides and 30 slides etc. available to download and one can download them according to the requirement. The slides in a PowerPoint template contain charts, diagrams, graphs etc to illustrate the points effectively.

They make the points of the presenter clearer and it is helpful for the presenter to convey his / her message easily to a number of audiences. It can be chosen on the basis of the topic and made according to the time set for presenting it.

Few points should be kept in mind while making a PowerPoint presentation:-

• Use a fabulous PowerPoint template.
• It should be brief, informative and catchy.
• Add descriptive images along with the content in the presentation to make it attractive
• Use tables, charts, diagrams and graphs for accuracy.
• Decent and bright colors should be used.
• Fonts size should be constant in the text of the presentation.

These are the few points which should be kept in mind while making a creative and useful PowerPoint presentation. There is a need to have knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint while making a presentation. It is also easy to customize and edit the downloaded template.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Picks, Have The Powerpoint Slides Untouched And To Be Shared

Have this ever happened to you? You've created a compelling PowerPoint slide show with sound tracks and movie clips embedded, however,you have no choice but attach the huge package in an email to share it with others (If the file is larger than 2M, it is always unable to be sent by email), or save it in a flash drive and deliver the hard copy. The problem is, what if the recipients do not have computer or it is not convenient to use a computer?
I'll never forget those awkward moments I had in the past:
I created a PowerPoint photo slide show with engaging video and audio, but when I showed it to others on another computer, I found it was too slow to open the big PowerPoint file, and the attached media files can not be properly played during the presentation.

When I was ready to send it to my friends, I found some of my friends have no computer to view the slide show. What a pity that I have no way to send it to them! What's more, my father almost hadn't used computer, how can I get a clue to enable him to view my slide show?
Needless to say, the effort I spent on the presentations returned nothing to me but only complaints from audiences, pities of no way to share with friends, and lost opportunities with the customers if it is a business presentation.
Is there a way to wipe out these inconveniences?
After making a few searches, I found there are mainly two methods to solve the problem.
1. Using a screen capture tool to convert PowerPoint slide show to video (Not Recommended)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take Advantage Of PowerPoint And DVD In School Activities

When the new term begins, we often tend to get some new ideas on how to make our school activities such as academic activity or administrative activity go better and better. Here I am going to tell you something which can improve your school activities like training, teaching, conference, speech, school ceremony, etc with PowerPoint and DVD player.

Love it or not, Microsoft PowerPoint is widely accepted and used, epically in school. We all know that PowerPoint can only be played on computer with MS PowerPoint installed. But things have been changed all the time, PowerPoint is such a wonderful presentation tool, we are always expecting more. For example, when we made some excellent slides, we often want to share or enjoy the information that contains in the slides with others, and sometimes, we must tell someone something, like training, speech...school requires more. But if you are skilled in PowerPoint, you know it's often not very convenient to show your PowerPoint Presentations, there must be a computer with MS software installed.

We want to find an easy and convenient way to Bridging the gap between the presenters and the viewers!
Ok, then why not play your PowerPoint presentations on TV with DVD player, the cheapest DVD player costs only $20, maybe less than that!

First, let's have a discussion on what we will benefit if we play PowerPoint presentations with DVD player.
DVD player is cheap, but it's not that easy, I am sure you care more about how to show your presentation in an efficient and effective way! We can take some examples to make this clear.

At the beginning of each term, school administration department need to arrange training for new teachers, sometimes including old staffs, it's wonderful to show training courses with PPT, but often need to prepare too many things. How about DVD presentation, you only need a DVD player which cost $20, then you can held your training anywhere with a TV, of course, there are almost one TV in each class room, and more than one set in the hall. Another reason is that school often different from other organizations, maybe the whole training need no instructor, school only want to show PowerPoint to teachers and let they learn themselves, Play PowerPoint presentations on TV with DVD player will be the best choice, school can also burn PowerPoint presentations about the training to DVD and give the DVD Disc directly to teachers, so they can learn at home!